Sacred Heart Catholic School Advisory Board

Sacred Heart Catholic School

Meeting Minutes: January 16, 2019

4:30-5:30 pm, Sacred Heart Room

Mission Statement:

Being the Living example of Gods Love to others.



1.  Opening Prayer & Mission Statement– Father Raj & all

2.   Attendance

  • Present: Jim Wren, Pam Dickerson, Sheryl Blosel, Steve Cunningham, Dave Lamper, Father Raj, Father Ralph, Antonella DeKort, Mike Daniel, Kathryn
  • Madden, Paul Mata, Scott Lyon
  • Absent: Doris Mintz, Chuck Moore

3.  Old Business/Strategic Plan SubCommittee Reports

  • Approval of Minutes from November 13, 2018 Meeting
    • Motion to approve the minutes of November 13, 2018 by Antonella DeKort. Seconded by Kathryn Madden and Sheryl Blosel.
    • Motion carried.
  • Goals
    • Scott was briefed on previous meeting discussions regarding the updated goals. Pam stated that the goals are good for 5 years.
    • School Advisory Committee members present were given a chance to choose the committee that they would like to be a part of:
      • Financial Stability Antonella, Jim, Pam, Scott
      • Holistic Formation of Students Steve, Sheryl, Dave, Kathryn
      • Enhance Facilities Paul, Mike.  Jim stated that there will be a Reserve Study to be conducted on February 6 to check the facilities, for both parish and school, and that they will be making recommendations based on this study.
      • Promotion of SHCS Scott, Mike, Jennifer
        • members outside the School Advisory Committee will be recruited to join the subcommittees.
        • the subcommittees will meet on their own, generate their report, which will include areas on what they are working on and their timeline. This will then be reported back to the School Advisory Committee during regular meetings.
        • Pam suggested that John Gust should be on the Enhance Facilities sub– committee.

4.  Pastors Report – Father Raj

  • Father Raj stated that physical, emotional, and spiritual values should be included in the Holistic Formation of Students goal.
  • With regards to the contribution of students to the church, more training for altar servers is needed.
  • The full time youth coordinator is looking for students to participate in the program. Pam said that the youth coordinator visited the school to talk to the students and handed out an informational flyer about the program. Antonella said that this is a good way for Sacred Heart students to meet other students outside of SH.
  • The MissionVisionValues committee stresses respect, spirituality, and stewardship. These values should be manifested in words and actions by parents and teachers. Kathryn stated that respect and discipline is nurtured in school.
  • Parish calendar is out.

5.  Parish Managers Report Jim Wren

  • Programs at the Youth Center are: Life Teen (meets every Sunday at 6PM), Edge Nights (meets every Monday at 6PM), and Y Disciple (meets every Wednesday at 6PM).
  • School security started working on replacing the camera system on the playground to have wider and clearer coverage. This system will leave a good foundation for setting up an indoor camera system.
  • Prescott Police Department will still conduct a surprise visit.
  • Volunteer Appreciation Dinner will be on February 13th at 58 PM in the school gym. This is RSVP only by February 1st.
  • Working on the budget process. There will be changes this year due to some communication problems from the previous year. Jim will update the school board throughout the budget process.

6. New Business / Principal’s Report Mrs. Dickerson

  • Cyber Safety presented by the Attorney Generals office will be on March 26th, Tuesday. The presentation schedule is as follows:Kinder (9:00 9:30 AM)
    • 6th 8th (9:50 – 10:35 AM)
    • 3rd 5th (1:15 – 2 PM) Parents (5:30 6:30 PM)
    • Antonella suggested to put this schedule in the parish bulletin for other parents to see. She also suggested child care should be provided during the Parents presentation.
  • The Council Committee is asking our support for Common Grounds on April 7th and 28th. They are needing help with the set up (Saturday afternoon) and on Sunday, to welcome, interact with parishioners, and then clean up.
  • Catholic School Week is January 26 February 1. Please see attached flyer for more information. If anyone you know is an artist (weaver, bagpipe player, etc.), please contact Jennifer.
  • A tentative school calendar was passed around for the members. Accreditation visit is highlighted in blue. Pam stated that we are all shareholders and that we need to talk about accreditation in every meeting.
  • Pam passed around a document (please see attachment) containing the Mission
    • Statement, SLEs, and School Philosophy. She stated that the mission statement was changed to match the parish. As shareholders, we need to know the contents of this document and if theres an issue, please let Pam know. The document outlines everything we are about. Pam asked for Father Rajs permission to distribute this document to the parish ministries.
  • School gala will be at the school gym on May 4th. Antonella changed the theme to “A Night at the Taj Mahal”. Pam and Antonella are working on the invitation and Jennifer is talking to some people about food catering.

7.  Discussion Item: N/A

8. Closing Prayer – Father Raj

9. Meeting Adjourned at 5:30 PM.