August 14, 2019 @ 4:30



  1. Opening Prayer: Fr. Raj
  2. Attendance: Fr. Raj, Shelly, Jim, Janice, Steve, Shauna, David, Erika, Kathryn
  3. Old Business: Strategic Plan
  4. New Business:
    1. Pastor’s Report
      1. Holistic education for students
      2. Teaching students/families tolerance: belonging to the same family of God
    2. Parish Manager’s Report
      1. Becoming one parish community instead of separate entities
      2. School Advisory Board to become more involved
  • Parish Council/Committee Gathering on August 28th in the Sacred Heart Room 5:30 – 7:30 (5 School Advisory Board members plan to attend)
  1. Principal’s Report
    1. Role and Expectations of the School Advisory Board
      1. Discussed and signed confidentiality Statement
    2. Enrollment @ 148 (including preschool) last year we were at 175 (not including preschool)
  • Need to rewrite bylaws
  1. Review of old strategic plan
    1. Discussed what was accomplished (Kathryn will forward information and minutes from last year)
    2. Discussed what we might want to have as our new focus for Strategic Plan
  2. Election of officers (Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary)
    1. Chair: Kathryn Madden
    2. Co-Chair: David Lamper
  • Secretary: Kate Huza (tentative)
  1. Further Discussion
    1. Promoting the Catholic Identity of Sacred Heart as well as Academic
    2. Advertising and speaking at St. Germaine’s & St. Catherine’s
    3. Promoting our school with feature articles in the local newspaper
    4. Transportation for Chino Valley and Prescott Valley families.
      1. Carpool list for families
      2. Bus transportation?
    5. Closing Prayer: Shelly
    6. Next meeting: September 11 @ 4:30 in Sacred Heart Room