Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Parish

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  Pastoral Council Committee Meeting Minutes Nov 5, 2019

                                      “Being the Living Example of God’s Love to Others”                          



Present: Father Raj, Fr. Vicente, Jim Wren, Mike King,  Henry Cromeek, Judy Carlisi, Mark Matthews, Beth Luce, Chris Tunnell, Phil Stephens, Margarita Arellano

Absent:  None

Guests:  Kevin Keighron, Greg Kozlowski

Meeting called to Order: The meeting was called to order by Chairperson, Mike King, at 5:30 pm.

Opening Prayer: Henry Cromeek led a group prayer

Approval of minutes: The minutes from October were approved.


  1. Old Business:  5:30pm


  1. What are the council members expectations for working on Pastoral Council? Continued from last meeting.   


  1. Margarita Arellano: She likes what she reads in the pastoral council guidelines from the minutes of the last meeting about working as a team. She shared the  experience of having been a beekeeper.  Bees and birds depend on each other; work together; synergy.
  2. Phil Stephens: Pastoral Council is a consultative role that follows guidelines; answers to the Pastor; is asked for and gives input.   The decisions are ultimately the Pastor’s call.
  3. Mike King: Reminded members that we are a working council. Be clear on our expectations and role.  Remain flexible.



  1. Mission Vision and Values: 5:42


  1. MVV committee was designed as a subcommittee of the Pastoral Council. As a group they provide information and recommendations.  The committee attempts to change the way we do business at our church.  These concepts are highlighted in our parish bulletin.
  2. Parish Mission – “Being the living example of God’s love to others.”
  3. Vision: What we want to be.  These values are not just written but lived out.  Sacred Heart Church is our sacred home.  By hearing the Word of God and practicing what Jesus taught, we are the living presence of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Values: There are 6 value concepts. These have been “expanded” to define specific behaviors within the values concepts. Various parish groups have defined these behaviors. For example, the Pastoral Council provided 5 specific behaviors for the hospitality value.

The MVV subcommittee is developing consistent language for these specific behaviors Each behavior is concise and clear and begins with the words, “I choose to…..”  This reflects our free will to participate.

  1.               The MVV subcommittee will be conducting training in 2020 for ministry leaders in                              discipleship.
  2. Margarita Arellano asked, “How will the parishioners know the plan?” Kevin answered that leadership takes time.  The laity will take the leadership role after observing the role taken by ministry leaders.
  3. Raj – “How can Pastoral Council help us live the MVV?” Phil Stephens replied that people will lean toward MVV.  Others will see what we are all about.
  4. Henry Cromeek suggested that these are expected behaviors and that there was not much more to understanding how they are implemented.
  5. Kevin Keighron: “We can’t teach what we are not practicing.”


  1. More Introductions – Guests and members.


II  New Business – 6:00p,m.


  1.    “For Pastoral Council” Handout from Fr. Raj. Items #3 and #4.


  1. #3 “Talk about the presence and support of the PC members, teaming with the staff, during big events like Heritage Week, Hope Fest, Mission Talks, Holy Week and Christmas Celebrations. “


  1. Henry is willing to participate. Jim agreed by supporting and affirming Henry’s

willingness to help at events.

  1. Chris Tunnell is willing to be present at functions. We should be visible.

Where are the needs?

  1. Mark Matthews expressed his involvement through Knights of Columbus.

We have to choose what we are able to be involved in.

  1. Judy Carlisi suggested that this should be clearly defined in the pastoral council

guidelines. Make a list of the greatest needs and ask that council members to help

in a certain number of events.  PC members must understand the commitment

when approached to be on the council.

  1. Phil made the point that execution can happen without being physically present.
  2. Beth: Each of us is present in a different way. We are active but

participate according to our strengths.  For example, serving as a lector or

Eucharistic minister.

  1. Margarita participates in community service outside of Sacred Heart. Went

on to explain her participation as a consultant to foster parents.  Outreach is more than just our participation at church.

h . Mike King reminded the group that there are two members who served on the

previous council.  We are developing our role based on Father Raj and Jim Wren’s ideas.  Being on the pastoral council implies contribution.

  1. Chris suggested that a list be passed around to members for sign ups for big


  1. Mark reminded Fr and the council that we all had busy lives and that we have to

choose how we will participate.  Can’t do everything.

k . Fr. Raj thanked all for expressing their opinions honestly.  As pastoral

council members we offer a great service.  We are visible leaders in the

church.  Youth ministry; Light of the World; Knights; outreach; etc. are all good

things.  He understands our commitments and does not wish to demand too

much, but rather asks us to lend a helping hand.


  1. #4 Can each of the members be part of some ministries and share their

inputs in Pastoral Council meetings?   6:13pm                                                                              


  1. Mike King showed everyone the ministry booklet. Adopting ministries give us a connection and can help us know the pulse in the ministries
  2. Chris Tunnell expressed the importance of the Kino training. Each school employee must complete 90 hours in 3 years.  If we do not have this training then the teachers do not have a position at the school.  Other ministry chosen was Light of the World.
  3. Henry chose Discipleship: Vincent de Paul and contemplative prayer
  4. Beth: Eucharistic minister; lector; Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
  5. Judy: LOTW; school; youth ministry
  6. Mark: RCIA; Knights of Columbus; LOTW; coordinating outreach program specifically Community Cupboard.  3-4 hours every 6 weeks.
  7. Margarita: Communion to homebound specifically.
  8. Phil: PTSO, school board; Heritage Festival
  9. Mike King: finance council; men’s ministry; Alpha; Common Grounds.


  1. 5 year Pastoral Plan (2020-2025)  – Team up to make lists , flesh out ideas and

                      specific examples in each of the five areas of the plan. 


  1. Worship: Beth Luce
  2. Faith Formation: Judy Carlisi; Chris Tunnell
  3. Evangelization: Henry Cromeek
  4. Outreach: Margarita Allejano; Mark Matthews
  5. Participating: Henry Cromeek
  6. Temporal Goods: Mike King


  1. Henry Cromeek asked if we should meet with the Chairman prior to the pastoral council meeting with our thoughts. Raj said that was not necessary.  He shared that he wants to listen to each of our ideas.  We are one unanimous voice.  This is not a single person’s decision.


  1. Jim Wren – Announcements and events: 
  2. Speaker – Eucharistic adoration: Fr. Zachary will be speaking at all the homilies  Nov.

9-10.  Monday, Nov 11 at 9:00am, there will also be a presentation.

  1.   Advent Mission Nov 17-20, 2019.   6pm Sunday, Mon. Tues and Wed. of that week.

Morning sessions will be at 9am Mon., Tues., and Wed.

  1. Council members are asked to please participate in either.
  2. Lenten Mission – March 1-3 2020
  3.                Volunteer dinner – Thurs. February 6, 2020.  Please plan on attending
  4.                 Heritage Weekend.  Oct 22-23, 2020.  New parishioner dinner.
  5. Please mark you calendars and  participate as a pastoral council member.
  6.    Hope Fest – Late Saturday in September.
  7.   Yavapai College outreach – Ministry booklets were passed out.  Purpose is to

engage  young people and to help build young adult ministry program and draw

youth core members.


  1.   Jim Wren was to attend the “Volunteer and Civic Engagement Summit” at ASU, Thurs.

Nov 7.  This program is

sponsored by the AZ Governor’s office to inspire volunteerism.


  1. Registration for parish is now online at the website in fillable format.   New parishioner

forms are emailed directly to the parish manager which allows him to reply and

welcome new parishioners immediately.   The website is the 1st contact for many.


  1. International Catholic Stewardship Conference -(ICSC) Leaders gathered from all

over the world.  Jim Wren shared notes from the conference in regards to discipleship

in light of our roles as pastoral council members.  Please see Attachment A.


Closing Prayer – Led by Henry Cromeek

Meeting Adjourned at 6:44pm

Action items for next meeting Tues, Dec 3:

  1. Pastoral plan: work in specifics for the section that you chose.
  2. Mike King to lead opening and closing prayer




Respectfully submitted by Judy Carlisi and Mike King