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Consecration to St. Joseph

Husbands and wives, mothers and fathers of the Diocese of Phoenix
Bishop Olmsted invites you to join him and the priests and deacons of the Diocese to pray the Consecration to St. Joseph, beginning Monday, March 30, and ending on the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, May 1.
Please carefully read the attached letter.
May St. Joseph’s intercession bring healing, protection, unity and strength of witness to all families in our Diocese.
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Live Streaming Sacred Heart Daily Mass daily at 9AM

Starting on Friday March 27, we will live stream daily Mass on Facebook every day at 9AM. Please bear with us as this is something new and we are going to do our best to make sure that we get the picture and sound quality as good as we possibly can. Below is a direct link to the Parish Facebook page for those that do not have a Facebook account. God bless you all!

We are looking into other possible platforms for live streaming. Thank you for your patience.

Please note, there will be no Communion distributed and this is NOT a public Mass. Social distancing must be maintained.



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Message from Bishop Olmsted about COVID 19


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Resources to assist parishioners during this difficult time/Prayer to St. Joseph during the Coronavirus UPDATED 3/26

The clergy and staff are praying for all of our parishioners during these difficult times. Below are some helpful tools that can be used at home during this time.

Prayer to St. Joseph during the Coronavirus

ICSC Newsletter April 2020 Your Mental Health Matters

There are many other websites that you can refer to for information and spiritual guidance during the time that we are not having Mass. Some of these websites are listed below.

Way of the Cross to Pray during the Pandemic

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Important Parish Closure Information – UPDATED MARCH 28

We will be doing our best to keep you informed during this time of uncertainty. The Bishop’s directive is listed here as a separate post.  The following is additional important information during this uncertain time.

1.) The Church will be locked at 7PM until further notice. All daily and Sunday Masses remain canceled until further notice. Bishop Olmsted has dispensed all of the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice. Masses by Sacred Heart priests are being live-streamed to Facebook daily at 9AM and there will also be a Spanish Mass live streamed at 1PM on Sundays. Please refer to the separate post regarding live-streaming of Masses on this website.

2.) The Parish Office is now closed to the public due to social distancing requirements. Staff remains in the Office to answer phones, attend meetings, update the website, answer emails and other tasks.

3.) The Adoration Chapel remains open 24 hours per day to adorers who have signed up and received a code. If you are ill, please try to get a replacement for your hour. The number of chairs has been reduced to allow for social distancing.

4.) Bulletins will still be produced with hard copies available on the information table and an electronic copy on the website.

5.) Mass intentions are still prayed for by the priests during their private daily Masses as well as in the live streamed Masses.

6.) Stations of the Cross and Twelve Hours for the Lord have been canceled. Refer to the post on this website which prevents you resources that you can use at home instead.

7.) There will be no Confessions in the Church until further notice. If you wish to have a private confession,  you may schedule it by contacting the Parish Office. Private confessions will be available Monday through Friday between 8am-5pm; social distancing will be maintained at all times. Also, outdoor confessions will be offered Mondays 11:00AM-12:00PM; Wednesday evenings 6:00-7:00PM; and Saturday afternoons 3:00-4:00PM. Outdoor confessions will be held outside the main entrance. Due to social distancing requirements, please wait in your car until the priest is available; please do not form a line.

8.) No gatherings may occur on Church property until further notice, regardless of the number of people in the group. There will be no exceptions. The Bereavement Ministry has canceled all sessions until further notice.

9.) The Church’s mission continues! Regular operating expenses continue, but are being reduced as much as possible. Please consider continuing to make your regular tithe if you are able to. This is extremely critical in an effort to avoid future financial hardship.  If you do not currently use on-line giving, you may sign up for on-line giving (even temporarily) by visiting and select “Online Giving” in the upper right section of the main screen. Alternatively, you can mail your contribution to the Parish Office at 150 Fleury Street or deposit it in the box under the votive candle stand. The Parish relies heavily on donations given at the collection during Mass. Thank you and God bless you for your consideration. You may also donate to the Parish from the Diocese of Phoenix website; select “Donate to My Parish” and select Sacred Heart Prescott from the drop down list. This will bring you directly to the Parish Online Giving. We are praying for all of you who have suffered economic distress during this time.


10.) For everyone’s protection, the church has been “deep-cleaned” while not in use.

The Clergy and Staff of Sacred Heart Parish continue to work during this time to meet the needs of our parishioners.

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Announcement from Bishop Olmsted regarding Cancellation of Masses – Effective March 17, 2020

Statement from the Diocese of Phoenix
March 16, 2020
To the Faithful of the Diocese of Phoenix:
Two very significant issues have transpired in the last 24 hours:
  1. All public schools have closed in Arizona and all Catholic Schools have closed in the Diocese of Phoenix.
  2. The President has recommended limiting all public gatherings to 10 people, as well as other guidelines.
Effective immediately and until further notice, Bishop Olmsted is suspending all weekday and Sunday Masses, and asking for all parish- and diocesan-based public gatherings to be cancelled.
  1. The Sunday Mass obligation is dispensed by Bishop Olmsted for all Catholics residing in or visiting the Diocese of Phoenix.
  2. Churches and chapels may remain open for private prayer. Protocol for social distancing must be observed.
  3. Communal Penance services should be cancelled; however, priests are strongly encouraged to make confessions available in outdoor or open-air spaces, if this is judged helpful.
  4. No parish religious education programs are to assemble.
  5. No parish public events or gatherings that exceed 10 persons.
  6. Mass of the Holy Oils “Chrism Mass” will be celebrated privately, with oils to be distributed to the clergy at the Diocesan Pastoral Center for those in Maricopa County. The Sacred Oils will be overnighted to the parishes in the rest of the Diocese.
  7. Weddings should be restricted to 10 or less persons.
  8. Funerals should be restricted to immediate family and friends, less than 10 attending.
These directives are in force until further notice. Visit this website for updates:

While these directives are a hardship and deeply painful for us all, they are sensible and in line with the guidance of the President and the spirit of the CDC’s directive. Due to the highly fluid nature of this crisis situation, the Diocese continues to monitor this situation closely.

Additionally, parishes are asked to place a large sign on the front doors of the church notifying the faithful of the following:

  • Bishop Olmsted has dispensed all of the faithful from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice.
  • Catholics are encouraged to make a Spiritual Communion, to pray the Rosary and other devotional prayers during this time.
  • You may also list the times and channels for TV Mass in English and Spanish as well as radio, YouTube, and Facebook if you wish.
Christian Charity will prevail – throughout history Christians have served the community as a witness of love and care during times of illness. Christ is the center of our life and He will lead us through all challenges.
It is important to be smart and think about what each of us can do to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. We live in a generation where information is at our fingertips; there are many sources of information that may not be accurate and may lead to increased fear. Our website will help keep you informed of important developments and equip you with critical information. Let us remember that we are united in Christ through prayer and a common spirit of love and trust in Him.
Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of the Diocese of Phoenix, pray for us.
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Golden Jubilee – Diocese of Phoenix

On December 2, 2019, the Diocese of Phoenix celebrated its Golden Jubilee at the Comerica Theatre in Phoenix. Sacred Heart Parish sent 37 people and all of our priests and most of our deacons participated in the Mass. Sacred Heart was one of the best represented parishes in Northern Arizona.  Please see attached links for more information and photos.

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