Fr. Raj led prayer at 5:30.

Present:  Fr. Raj, Terry Brennan, Anne Welborn, Eileen Grant, Bill Jacobs, Dan Putschoegl, Yvonne Napolitano

Absent:  Brad DeSaye

Guests Present: Jim Wren, Donna Maneely, Shelly Cooper, Michael King

  1. Capital Campaign Report: figures as of November 20, 2019
  • Pledges and donations paid to Capital Campaign: $2,493,319

      Completing the Mission Report: figures as of November 20, 2019

  • Pledges Made: $434,841
  • Total Contributed: $413,953
  • Balance on Reserve Fund Loan $53,000
  • We paid $21,000 toward the reserve fund loan
  1. Minutes Approval: October 30, 2019 Minutes approved
  • Eileen stated that the diocesan capital campaign roll out dates should be November 23 and 24 not November 16 and 17 which the minutes state. Fr. Raj stated that the original plan was for rolling out the campaign on the weekend of November 16 and 17. Raj said it was what he reported so no change is needed to the minutes.
  • Bill Jacobs brought up that the minutes stated that the letter from the parishioner requested a response from the Finance council. Terry sent a response.
  • Anne motioned to approve the October minutes, Dan seconded it, motion passed


  1. Financial Statements: October Financials approved
  • Shelly Cooper attended the meeting to answer questions about CEA and tuition. Terry advised everyone that on December 3rd CEA is matching donations up to $500,000. He suggested someone speak at all the masses; there are not any speaker times available since such short notice. Shelly said that IBE, another school tuition organization is also having a matching day.
  • Bill asked about the golf tournament earning less income than budgeted. Talking Rock can only accommodate a small amount of golfers so less people can golf. Shelly said they made less money since there weren’t many raffle items. The golf tournament will be at Antelope Hills next year.
  • Bill indicated that the School kitchen sink is in the current year’s reserve budget but not in the reserve study. Jim stated that we didn’t know that we had to make the changes; that is why it’s not in the reserve study. The county required us to make the changes. Bill said it was not a reserve item so it shouldn’t be part of the reserve budget. Jim replied that it is a capital item since the cost is $15k and was not in the school’s budget. According to Terry, GAAP states that the minimum useful life for a capital item is 3 years, which the sink is. It is in the depreciation schedule. Bill said we don’t know how many years it will be to replace the sink, and we need to know the life. We need to check with someone in the industry who can tell us when it will need to be replaced. Jim can check with the plumber.
  • Yvonne motioned to accept the October financials, Bill seconded it; motion passed


  1. Bank Statement Approval:
  • Terry reviewed the October bank statements along with Brad; no discrepancies noted
  • Brad would like to look closer at the monthly credit card bill and asked if we have a credit card policy in place. We do not have a written policy. Jim will create a policy.


  1. Pastor’s Report:
  • Raj spoke about the two missions held in November. He felt they were good speakers but wished more people would attend. Fr. Zachary preached about Eucharistic Adoration and 50 new people signed up for adoration.
  • Raj is thankful for the 15-20 new families that have registered and our new ministries: Cup of Joe Ministry for veterans, program for people in recovery based on Lectio Divina, and the new Care for the Environment committee.
  • November 21st is the Many Voices of Thanks gathering which is an interfaith event held at Sacred Heart. Our choir and Irish dancers are performing.
  • December 2nd is the Diocesan Jubilee celebration- 37 from the parish are attending
  • The public phase of the diocesan capital campaign is this weekend-November 23 and 24.-Pledge cards will be in the pews for December 7 and 8.


  1. Parish Manager Report:
  • There is a bus going down to the Diocesan Jubilee Mass on December 2nd for everyone going to the event. The bus was full but someone backed out. Jim asked if anyone on the council would like to go since we have a spot open.
  • The deadline for completing Safe Environment compliance is December 31. Jim asked that all the council members be up to date by that time to continue on the council.
  • We are getting a $5000 bequest to the parish. It is assessable since nothing was specified in the bequest.
  • The school roof is in bad shape. Fixing it is not in the current capital budget, but it will be part of the money raised from the diocesan campaign. The roof is not that old, but it was not well done. We do not have any budgeted funds right now for the roof but we need to address it. Terry asked if we can get bids. Jim said he will have John Gust start getting bids. We have no way of knowing how much we will get from the diocesan campaign. Bill asked if we could take it from the reserve funds. We do plan to use reserve funds.
  • Since the council agreed to the December 18th meeting, Jim will have a proposed 2020 budget timeline and letter from Fr. Raj to the directors ready to send out with the November Financials. Jim would like to get the budget done earlier this year.
  • We will have a new Development Director in December. She needs family benefits which impacts the budget. Her benefits will start in January.
  • The office is doing succession planning overall with Stacy being trained right now for the front desk and safe environment. We may need a part time assistant for Hispanic Ministry. We need to consider this for the 2020 budget.
  • Jim would like to increase the conference budget next year. We are missing out on important continuing education for our staff.


  1. Old Business:
  • Charitable donations- Bill, Terry, Dan and Anne have formed a sub-committee to review our charitable contributions and make recommendations to Fr. Raj.
  • Terry responded to the parishioner letter about the bulletin financials. The parishioner responded with another letter. The letter stated that he could not find the annual financial report on the church website and the finance council meeting minutes were not up to date on the website. He also stated that he liked the Capital Campaign report. The annual financial report is in the September 29nd bulletin, which was on the website. The finance council minutes have to be approved before we add them to website so they are up to date. It was decided to stay with the year to date financial report that we updated for the bulletin, based on the parishioner’s request.
  • The 2020 Finance Council meeting dates were discussed. The approved dates will be sent out with the November Financials.


  1. New Business:
  • Terry asked the Finance council members to spend some time with the Lord at the 12 Hours for the Lord on December 6th. The time is from 8am-8pm.
  • Brad had commented to Terry that Fr. Darrin said Brad only had a 2 year term. He plans to leave after 2 years. If this happens Terry would like to see an investment banker like Chris Kissel to replace him if possible. Jim will speak with Chris to see if he has any recommendations.
  • Mike King attended the meeting. Mike and Terry are nonvoting members for the Parish Corporation. Mike is the chair of the pastoral council. He updated us on the pastoral council: there are 9 members, 7 of them are new members. Each member is adopting 3 ministries to be a liaison with. Mike chose the finance council. Fr. Raj is working on the pastoral plan and he asked the pastoral council to work on specifics. Mike chose temporal goods and would like to work with Terry on this.
  • Anne commented to Shelly that the Finance Council is appreciative of her efforts in collecting tuition and making the school better.
  • Anne asked what happens if we don’t make our goal for the diocesan capital campaign. We just won’t get as much from the 35% that comes back to Sacred Heart.


Fr. Raj led closing prayer at 6:46pm

Respectfully Submitted by Donna Maneely