Fr. Raj led prayer at 5:30.

Present:  Fr. Raj, Terry Brennan, Eileen Grant, Bill Jacobs, Dan Putschoegl, Yvonne Napolitano, Brad DeSaye

Absent:   Anne Welborn

Guests Present:  Jim Wren, Donna Maneely

  1. Capital Campaign Report: figures as of January 29, 2020
  • Pledges and donations paid to Capital Campaign: $2,510,405

      Completing the Mission Report: figures as of January 29, 2020

  • Pledges Made: $453,887
  • Total Contributed: $438,644
  • Balance on Reserve Fund Loan $11,000
  • We paid $34,000 toward the reserve fund loan
  1. Minutes Approval: December 18, 2019 Minutes approved
  • Brad motioned to approve the December minutes, Yvonne seconded it; motion passed
  1. Financial Statements: December Financials approved
  • Dan asked why nothing has been budgeted yet for the Spring Gala. Donna explained that she doesn’t include it in the monthly budget until the event happens.
  1. Bank Statement Approval:
  • Anne Welborn reviewed the December Bank reconciliation. Anne will give a report at the next meeting as she was absent.
  1. Pastor’s Report:
  • Raj spoke about budget preparations; we have to wait on the diocese for raises and insurance costs
  • Plate collection is doing well; Sacred Heart is a very generous parish
  • We are focusing a percentage of the budget for charitable giving. Fr. Raj would like the money to start going to different charities. The 5th Sunday collections will start going to: Preschool, disaster relief, Operation deep freeze and continuing once a year to St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Catholic Schools Week was January 26- February 1. He feels we should be pushing the CEA tax credit as the school benefits from this.
  • Bill Jacobs is the spokesperson for the CDA this year. The beginning weekend is February 8th and 9th and Father will preach about it in the homily. On February 15th and 16th Bill will speak and demonstrate the ways to give. $138k is our goal, which we haven’t achieved the last few years.
  • Staff reviews have begun with self-evaluations. This was started last year and will continue
  • The Lenten Missions will be March 1-3 in English and March 15, 16 in Spanish.
  • The Light Of The World retreat is 2/29-3/1
  • 2020 is the Claretians 150th Fr. Raj attended a conference in Chile which commemorated the Claretians 150 year presence in the Americas. Sacred Heart will celebrate on 10/24/20 with the Founder’s Day Feast attended by Bishop Nevares. The Claretians are also shooting a movie about St. Anthony Claret. Father gave the head of the Claretians a copy of our ministry directory, he was impressed and would like to promote it to other Claretian parishes.
  • 12 Hispanic families registered in January as a result of Jimena’s registration drive. A total of 23 families registered in January. Normally 15-20 new families per month are registering. Terry asked if having one New Parishioner dinner per year is enough. Jim said yes since it takes a great deal of preparation.
  • The Volunteer Dinner is February 6th. Over 100 people are expected; the staff are preparing the dinner, serving and cleaning up.
  1. Parish Manager Report:
  • The Preschool Spaghetti Wester Dinner was a success; the preschool cleared $5276.
  • CDA weekend will start with priest homilies and then the following week we will have the witness talk and pledge cards.
  • Jim made the presentation to Catholic Community Foundation for a grant for a new candle stand and Our Lady of Guadalupe painting. There were 32 presenters vying for $100,000. Voting by the Giving Circle ends 1/31. Because of Jim’s relationship with Kyle Felix, the CFO and Deacon Carbajal, the Chairman of CCF, they are planning to offer 2 free presentations to our parishioners this spring on Estate and Financial Planning. CCF will be attending the March Finance Council meeting as well.
  • 2 out of the 3 bids for replacing the school roof have been received. Jim was surprised by how low the bids are: $85K and $92K, but the bids do not include removing the solar panels. The company who put the solar panels on should remove them so the warranty is not voided. They have been contacted. We will need to get diocesan approval since the cost will be over $100k (with the additional cost of removing the panels). Fr. Raj would like it completed over the summer. It will be paid for by our portion of the diocesan campaign and parishioner donations. Bill asked about the church roof, Jim said that the school roof is in much worse shape so it needs to be done first.
  • The Music Committee has recommended that new music books be ordered. We are applying for a grant through OCP since the books are bilingual which will potentially pay for part of it. Doug is deciding between 2 books.
  • We have reached a little over 40% of our goal with the Diocesan campaign. This will be in the bulletin over the 2/1 weekend. We don’t want to bombard our parishioners with this and the CDA so we are taking a break from talking about the diocesan campaign until September. We will host a couple of receptions then. The Campaign has brought in $680k in pledges and cash; many of the donations were one time donations. We should receive our first check from the diocese in February.
  1. Old Business:
  • Raj has changed the 5th Sunday Collections to include other charities (see the list above). Fr. Raj spoke with St. Vincent de Paul to make them aware of the change.
  • 2021 first draft budgets are due on 1/31. Jim shared that we intend to increase plate collections, plan to hire a part time assistant for Hispanic Ministry and that Stacy will be budgeted for full time for succession planning. We are adding a 2% increase for salaries but have to wait for the diocese for the final cost of living and insurance increases.
  • Jim wants feedback about how to add depreciation expense to the budget; Yvonne and Terry recommend budgeting for it.
  1. New Business:
  • Bill is continuing to finalize the Investment policy for operating funds. He has spoken with Scot Sas at BOK Financial. He asked if endowments have to stay with the CCF, which they do.
  • Mike King from the Pastoral Council asked if any of the Finance Council members were willing to be a substitute for a Pastoral Council member to answer questions after masses at the information table. He passed a sign-up sheet around. The pastoral council continues to work with Fr. Raj on a pastoral plan.
  • Due to flu season we are stopping the precious blood as of the 2/1 weekend. We will have hand sanitizer available in different spots around church as well.
  • Raj handed out Claretian calendars.

Fr. Raj led closing prayer at 6:35pm

Respectfully submitted by Donna Maneely