Terry began the meeting at 5:00pm.

Fr. Raj opened the meeting with a prayer.

Present: Eileen Grant, Terry Brennan, Anne Welborn, Dan Putschoegl

Absent:  Brad DeSaye, Bill Jacobs, Bob Dressler

Staff: Fr. Raj, Donna Maneely, Jim Wren, Shelly Cooper, John Gust

  1. Minutes Approval:
  • Eileen motioned to approve the July 27, 2022 meeting minutes; Dan seconded it; approved
  1. Financial Statements:
  • Eileen asked for confirmation that the $11,380 expense is for the Chiller maintenance contract; yes, it is.
  • Eileen questioned why we are keeping a BOK account open with only $3.62. Jim will contact BOK. Eileen suggested we put the money we are sending to the Reserve accounts into a savings account until the market improves.
  • We finally received confirmation from the Diocese that we can go forward with purchasing I-bonds as long as they are placed through an approved custodian. Jim will contact Scott Sas from BOK to check if they can be the custodian.
  • Anne motioned to approve the July Financials; Eileen seconded the motion; motion approved
  • Dan motioned to approve the August financials; Anne seconded the motion; motion approved
  1. Bank Statement Approval:
  • Bill reviewed the July bank reconciliation; no discrepancies noted
  • Brad reviewed the August bank reconciliation; no discrepancies noted
  1. Pastor’s Report:
  • Fr. Raj thanked the council for participating in the Staff and Council Day of Reflection and Synod meeting.
  • Fr. Raj would like the Finance Council to assist the Pastoral Council with being available after Masses to answer questions.
  • The Ministry Fair took place on September 25th and will continue on Sunday, October 2nd .
  • Two new ministries have formed: Saturday morning prayer group and Women’s Circle of Faith and Friendship.
  • Fr. Raj would appreciate the council’s support and presence during Heritage Week.
  • The Annual Corporation meeting was held on September 15th. Terry, Martha Lamb and Fr. Raj met with Bishop Dolan.
  • The Eucharistic Revival is taking place over the next 3 years. Fr. Raj would like more direction from the Diocese about the Revival.
  1. Parish Manager Report:
  • Collection plate in September: $70k, online giving $45k.
  • Our Sunday Visitor, our online giving provider,  is increasing their fees.
  • Many staff positions will be opening up soon and some have been hard to fill:
    • Our Cook, Lisa, is retiring in January.
    • Our Maintenance Supervisor is retiring in the first quarter of next year.
    • Lisa Baynes, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Director is unsure of her date of retirement but she will most likely job share.
    • We are still looking for a custodian for the school. We had two and one suddenly quit.
    • The Assistant to the Hispanic Ministry Director position has been difficult to fill.
    • The RCIA Director, Muriel, is retiring the following year.
  • The new parishioner dinner is October 20th. Eileen volunteered to attend on behalf of the Finance Council.
  1. Old Business: none
  2. New Business: none

Fr. Raj ended the meeting with a prayer at 5:30pm.

Anne moved to go into an Executive Session at 5:30pm; Eileen seconded it; motion approved

The Executive Session ended at 6:08 pm at which time the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Maneely