Terry opened the meeting at 5:00 pm.

Fr. Raj began the meeting with a prayer.

Present: Terry Brennan , Bill Jacobs, Bob Dressler, Keoni Murphy, Eileen Grant, Brad DeSaye

Absent:  Anne Welborn

Staff: Fr. Raj, Jim Wren, Donna Maneely, Shelly Cooper, Amanda Cardenas

Guest: Mary Brunson via Zoom

  Minutes Approval:

  • Eileen motioned to approve the September meeting minutes; Bill seconded it; approved.

  Financial Statements:

  • Keoni motioned to approve the September Financials; Eileen seconded the motion; motion approved.

  Bank Statement Approval:

  • Bill reviewed the September bank reconciliation; no discrepancies noted.

Youth Ministry Report:

  • Amanda Cardenas, our youth minister gave the council a presentation of youth ministry.
  • The Middle School ‘Edge’ group meets on Monday nights and averages ten students.
  • High School group meets Sunday nights and about fifteen students attend on average.
  • Young Adult group: there are ten active participants and forty more in the group chat. This group includes young professionals, Embry Riddle and Yavapai College students.
  • Amanda recently spoke with Fr. Matt Lowry, Pastor of the Newman Center at NAU and Episcopal Vicar of the North about opening a Newman Center in Prescott to serve ERAU and Yavapai College. She suggested using some of the recent restricted bequest for this purpose. Jim also spoke with Fr. Matt regarding opening a Newman Center. Fr. Matt suggested a Ministry House would be more appropriate, where students live and pay rent. This would require finding a house, fundraising and working with the Diocese.
  • Youth Ministry has been partnering with St. Germaine’s Youth group for retreats and activities.

Pastor’s Report:

  • The Annual Corporation Meeting was held on October 23rd at the Diocese. This maintains our Nonprofit Corporation status.
  • The monthly Eucharistic Encounter nights are becoming popular; the goal is to help people in Eucharistic Devotion. The committee is planning to organize a local Eucharistic Revival Conference in June 2024.
  • Knights of Columbus, Legion of Mary, St. Vincent de Paul, That Man Is You and Women’s Circle are fulfilling their objectives in serving the mission of the parish. Their numbers and participation are encouraging.
  • Sacred Heart Catholic School currently has 132 students in Preschool-eighth grade. Students attend Mass on Wednesdays and prepare and participate in the Sunday Mass once a month.
  • Interviews were held for the position of Director of Catechesis this week. Four candidates were interviewed, one via Zoom. Second interviews will be held next week for the remaining three candidates.
  • Heritage Festival Week activities were well attended. The main goal of Heritage Week is to celebrate our heritage and to develop community building opportunities.
  • Next week, our liturgy will be focusing on All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day celebrations.

  Parish Manager Report:

  • October Collection totals so far: $70k – plate, $42k – online giving. Ten percent of this Sunday’s collection will go to the Salvation Army’s Winter Warm Up.
  • The solar panels are being replaced starting today. It will take 5-6 days to complete. All costs are covered due to the warranty and donations.
  • We interviewed three well-qualified candidates for the position of Director of Catechesis. We should have a decision next week.
  • A financial planning seminar which will include funeral planning, led by Catholic Community Foundation is scheduled for November 14th at 8am and 5:30pm.
  • Fr. Zachary, a priest from the Society of our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity will be presenting our Advent Mission. The theme will focus on the Eucharist. He will speak at Masses the weekend of December 2nd. The Mission begins on Sunday the 3rd after the 5pm Mass. He will also speak on December 4th and 5th at 9am and 6:30pm.
  • Heritage Festival: we lost money due to the tee shirt cost and lack of tee shirt sales. We are still selling them in the office for the Eucharistic Revival. The festival is not set up to make a profit , but to celebrate community.
  • After last month’s discussion about what to do with the excess cash in our general checking account, we opened a Goldman Sachs 6-month CD with $250k at 5.4% interest and an Invesco Money Market account at 5.3% interest with another $250k.
  • Reserve Study: Jim sent in the application along with the 50% deposit. The study should be completed by November 5th.

  Old Business: none

  New Business:

  • Mary Brunson from Investing for Catholics gave an investment review presentation over Zoom.
  • Martha Lamb , President of the Parish Council, will be invited to speak at the November meeting.

Jim closed the meeting at 6:19pm with a prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Maneely