Terry began the meeting at 5:00 pm.

Fr. Raj opened the meeting with a prayer.

Present: Terry Brennan, Bill Jacobs, Anne Welborn, Bob Dressler, Keoni Murphy, Eileen Grant

Absent:  Brad DeSaye

Staff: Fr. Raj, Jim Wren, Donna Maneely, Shelly Cooper

  1. Minutes Approval:
  • Bill asked what the Diocese needed to approve about the rent increase letters. Jim had asked the Diocese for new lease agreements. He made some revisions, and the leases were provided to the tenants.
  • Anne motioned to approve the May meeting minutes; Bob seconded it; approved.
  1. Financial Statements:
  • Eileen asked for the final cost of the roof: $149,000.
  • Bob asked how the $82k youth ministry bequest is accounted for. Jim explained that since it is restricted to Youth activities the funds can carry over. It is reported below the line as other income.  It is also kept on the restricted funds report.
  • Anne motioned to approve the May Financials; Eileen seconded the motion; motion approved.
  1. Bank Statement Approval:
  • Terry reviewed the May bank reconciliation; no discrepancies noted.
  1. Pastor’s Report:
  • The school year is completed. The school is holding two 2-week sessions of summer school.
  • Fr. Raj reminded the council that Safe Environment training renewal should be completed by September 30th.
  • Fr. Raj is happy with church attendance.
  • Lector and Minister of Care training is on June 26.
  • World Youth Day is approaching. Two of the youth dropped out due to their work schedules. Their sister will be taking one of their places. The dates are August 1-6. The Claretians will be meeting 3 days before and 3 days after with the pilgrims.
  • Eucharistic Renewal
    • Muriel’s class this Fall will be about the Eucharist.
    • Our Eucharistic procession in June was a success; about 250 parishioners attended.
  • About 100 parishioners attended the recent Volunteer Dinner.
  • Youth ministry is continuing through the Summer with activities.
  • Anthony will be helping from July 21-August 21 when Fr. Raj is away at World Youth Day.
  • Fr. Raj is pleased with the work on the parking lot and new roof.
  • A patriotic rosary will be said at 8am before the 9am Mass on Independence Day.
  • A new ministry has formed- Christ in Our Neighborhood. Small groups within the Hispanic community will meet to reflect on the Gospel.
  • Fr. Raj visited Mission Canyon in Kirkland today; many risks involved if Sacred Heart were to take it over. Terry asked if the Diocese could take it over. Jim agreed this is the best idea so all parishes could use it but could be a conflict if everyone wanted to use it at the same time for retreats. Jim is researching it.
  1. Parish Manager Report:
  • June Collection totals so far: $77k collection, $43K Online giving.
  • Mark T. McLaughlin has been hired as the contractor for 233 N. Summit. Plans are in the permit process. Catholic Mutual has been great to work with. We will get paid for the missing rent. The previous tenants are interested in moving back in once complete.
  • All tenants have been notified of the rent increase and the new lease agreements were delivered today.
  • New heaters have been installed at the school, the parking lot has been re-striped, and the church has a new roof.
  • The Day of Reflection for Staff and Council members is on Friday, July 28th from 8:30-3pm. Fr. David Halm will be the guest priest. Shelly and Jim will give a short talk.
  • The 3 and 6-month T-bills will be maturing in August. Jim will need direction from the Council when they mature. Bill suggested that Chris Kissel come to speak with the Finance Council to get his advice. Bill will ask him to come to the next meeting.
  • Solar: Jim received the proposal from the Diocese on June 27. It was dated June 2nd and expires June 30th. We will get an extension since it was sent to us so late.  The cost is less than $100k which will be entirely paid by donations and the Bosch rebate. The new company will be hired to maintain the panels on both the school and parking structure.
  • The $114k bequest, which is not designated, was mailed on 6/8 but we never received it. Jim will fill out a lost check affidavit, so it can be reissued.  To balance the school budget, we are allocating some of this bequest to the school.
  • CDA: Sacred Heart parishioners donated $145k, which exceeded our goal of $138k.
  • Mental health ministry update:  two parishioners, Fr. Raj, Deacon Mark, Jim, and Alma will attend a one-day training on the basics and how to direct people to the resources available.
  • Muriel is retiring next year. Jim has updated the job description; expanded it greatly. He is waiting on the Diocese to approve. He will start advertising soon to a larger audience than Prescott for the position.
  • A Parishioner thinks that our Church main doors need to be replaced. He was quoted $15k to replace the doors. Jim had received a quote of $25-$30k previously. Jim told him that he would discuss it with the Finance Council. We do not have the budget now, but it is in the Reserve budget 5 years in the future. Eileen suggested we paint them instead.
  1. Old Business:
  • Budget:
    • Jim’s biggest item of concern is how to recruit more students. Shelly is working hard to do that by advertising on the radio and by print ads. Prescott is a transient community so as new families come; old ones move away.  Word of mouth is the best way to recruit.  We have a good flow of students from our preschool.
    • Jim’s second concern is the Bishop’s Assessment. Jim is frustrated since we pay the Diocese so much, but it is hard to reach anyone there, especially on Fridays and around holidays. Only three employees work in the Building Department for the whole Diocese. Therefore, they do not always get out to inspect projects like the roof, for which we simply submitted photos.  Jim is encouraged that Fr. Matt Lowry has been appointed the Vicar of Northern Arizona.
    • Eileen motioned to approve the 2024 FY budget; Bob seconded the motion; motion passed unanimously.
  • New Business: None

Fr. Raj ended the meeting with a prayer at 6:00pm.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Maneely