Terry began the meeting at 5:03 pm.

Fr. Raj opened the meeting with a prayer.


Present: Terry Brennan, Bob Dressler, Bill Jacobs,  Anne Welborn

Absent:  Brad DeSaye, Keoni Murphy, Eileen Grant

Staff: Fr. Raj,  Donna Maneely

  1. Minutes Approval:
  • Anne motioned to approve the March meeting minutes; Terry seconded it; approved
  1. Financial Statements:
  • Bob motioned to approve the March Financials; Terry seconded the motion; motion approved
  1. Bank Statement Approval:
  • Anne reviewed the March bank reconciliation; no discrepancies noted
  1. Pastor’s Report:
  • Our Holy Week celebration went well; received good feedback and appreciation for the Stations of the Cross
  • 46 people were confirmed at the Easter Vigil; 12 baptized
  • World Youth Day pilgrims are meeting regularly and planning additional fundraising events
  • The Light of the World Retreat is April 29th and 30th. 40 people have signed up to attend.
  • The Youth retreat at Chapel Rock is April 28th– April 30th.
  • Confirmation and First Communion is on May 6th; David Kelash will be administering the sacraments to the children.
  • The 8th grade graduation Mass is May 23rd at 6pm.
  • While Fr. Gaspar is away we have a couple of visiting priests: Fr. Alberto Ruiz is here until April 30th and Fr. Darrin will be here from May 4th-May 14th.
  • Staff transitions: Andrea Myers, Administrative Assistant is leaving May 12th, Christine Matthews, the current Cook will be taking her place. We are looking for a new Cook for the rectory. John Gust, Maintenance Manager, retired; Victor Buitrago assumed his role. Silas McAfee was hired as Victor’s replacement.
  • Muriel Rabideau will be retiring next year.
  • There will be a Corpus Christi Feast procession on June 11th at 12:15.
  • Fr. Raj requested that the next meeting be changed from May 31st to the 24th since he can not attend on the 31st.
  1. Parish Manager Report:
  • Donna updated the council on the Easter and regular collections. Easter-$29,444, plate-$58,174 and Online Giving-$41,408
  • Jim was not able to attend the meeting as he was on vacation. He sent a report to the Council:
    • Holy Week, Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday were successful. About 250-300 people attended Stations of the Cross on the Square and another 200 attended at the Church.
    • The roof contract is complete and we have made a down payment. The down payment was paid entirely from parishioner donations and the Diocesan Capital Campaign funds. The roof has been removed from the 23-24 reserve budget as it will be completed this fiscal year. The roof installation will start May 15th.
    • Jim applied for the $75k  warranty payment from Bosch on the solar panels. We are waiting to receive it in our account. Still no word from  the Diocese on the contract with Scout Solar to replace the broken panels. The contract cost will be offset by the $75k warranty payment.
    • IBonds-after several weeks PNC Bank received the seal for the required paperwork which was mailed to the IRS last week. Once approved we can move forward with the IBonds. Fr. Raj received notice that it could take up to 13 weeks before the account is ready to use.
    • Bill Jacobs proposed a question about the safety of our investments in light of the failure of Silicon Valley banks. Jim sent a request  for information to IFA and BOK and they both provided a response which was sent to the council.
    • CDA-$115,392 which is 84% of goal
    • Fr. James Sichko will be our Easter Mission speaker on May 14th and 15th.
    • The Diocesan attorney reviewed the Property Management contract and advised several language changes. He does not believe that the contract protected the parish’s rights and also requested language to be added to protect our religious liberties. The vendor will not revise the contract, so the Diocesan attorney strongly recommended that we not proceed. If anyone is aware of another property management company, please let Jim know.
  1. Old Business:
  • Budgets:
    • Parish: added the 6% increase to health insurance; health insurance expense actually decreased since one employee opted to drop the insurance.
    • The Parish currently has a surplus of $23k, which we may need to use to subsidize the school.
    • School: health insurance cost increased due to the 6% rate increase
    • The school budget currently has a deficit of $13k. There is nothing more that we can cut and Jim does not recommend increasing revenue projections any more. Radio Ads promoting the school will begin May 1st and run for 4 months. Bill suggested creating an endowment for the school to help with the deficit. He will contact Catholic Community Foundation.
    • The reserve budget is on hold as we wait for word from the Diocese on the contract with Scout Solar.
  1. New Business: None

Fr. Raj ended the meeting with a prayer at 5:45pm.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Maneely