The Gospel of Life Appeal is January 22 and 23 this year. In our Parish, the envelopes for the Gospel of Life collection will be available on the weekends of January 15-16 and January 22-23.

With the Dobbs v Jackson case argued and pending for this year, and the real possibility of overturning Roe v Wade and turning the issue back to the states, it has never been more important for us as Catholics to share the good news of the Gospel of Life.

Please see the attached video from Bishop Olmsted, available in English and Spanish.

To better encourage and assist parish efforts to be actively involved in promoting the
Gospel of Life and Walking with Moms in Need, the resulting funds of the collection will
be distributed as follows:
a. 33% of the funds collected at the parish remain with the parish to fund its
own Respect Life efforts at the discretion of the pastor.
b. 67% of the funds are retained by the Office of Marriage and Respect Life
Parish Leadership Support to fund our Diocesan-level pro-life evangelistic and
educational efforts, this includes our ongoing cooperation with Virtue Media in
the remarkable February and March cell phone ads to women potentially seeking
abortion or in crisis pregnancy.
c. In sum, all funds are to be collected and deposited at the parish: 33% of the
funds generated remain with the parish while 67% are sent to the Office of
Marriage and Respect Life for the purposes mentioned in b. All checks
should be payable to the individual parish, deposited, and then the remaining

We are a Gospel of Life diocese, one and all.