Special Rededication Rite and Mass with Bishop Olmsted

All the hard work and generous contributions of the entire Sacred Heart community came to fruition on Sunday, November 4, at the 5:00 pm Mass. In addition to unveiling the phenomenal renovation of the church building, the historic event itself was truly moving and fascinating—most of us have never experienced the “Rite of Rededication” of a church. Speaking to the capacity crowd waiting outside, just before Bishop Olmsted led everyone in for the first time, Fr. Kieran Kleczewski, Director of the Office of Worship and Liturgy at the Diocese of Phoenix, described the 2.5 hour event this way: “Think of it as the baptism and confirmation of a church, much as the Easter Vigil marks the baptism and confirmation of the catechumens.”

Below are a few images—courtesy of Ken Anderson—taken in the hours before the Rededication Rite and Mass began. They really give you a sense of how spectacular and welcoming the redesigned Nave is. We’ve also put up a new Gallery Page with initial photos of the actual event from the official photographer, Nancy Wiechec***. We will be posting more as we receive them.

*** NOTE: You can view and order prints of Nancy’s official photos from the Rededication Rite. Click here for the link and, if prompted, enter this password: REDEDI#2018.

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