Remember the game limbo? While I was never great at this game, I am sure it would be considered a highly dangerous activity for me now. Remember when they would play limbo at a skating rink! Forget about it…I never understood how to do that one!!!

I do remember the rhythmic chanting of “How low can you go…how low can you go.” Sorry you will now have the stuck in your head all day.

There are two great lessons to be learned from this game. One is in our relationship to Christ and the second is in our evangelization efforts.

We all tend to build ourselves up in other people’s eyes. Whether it is in social media or personal interaction we rather give the outward appearance that we have it all together. I think it can be easy to do this with out approach with the Lord as well.

However, when we approach our Lord we need to make ourselves small…we need to go low. I mean this not just in our exterior problems (like money, jobs, or sickness) but our interior weaknesses, our real brokenness.

The beautiful thing is…we cannot out ‘low’ God! He has already made Himself small, becoming human, then coming to us in what looks like bread and wine. He out ‘smalls’ us every time, just to meet us where we are at.

Therefore, do not be afraid of ‘how low can you go.’ Our Lord is already there, waiting to meet us at out lowest point.

This concept has so much to teach us when we are trying to share the Faith. We must approach others as God has approached us…small.

This cannot be done with an attitude of patronizing or superiority but must be authentic humility.

The Lord seemed mainly concerned with knowing us, approaching us, and being near to us. And let us be clear here, God was willing to do this…in fact He did do all of this knowing that people would reject Him.

Are we willing to do the same? Are we willing make ourselves small in order to get to know the other person, understand them, be vulnerable to them, be present to them even if it means that they reject us and the Love of God we are trying to share.

How Low Can You Go?

God changed the world by making Himself small. Today, His children have the same opportunity to change this hurting world around us if we are willing to make ourselves small.

Yours in Christ,
Chris Stewart
Co-Founder & COO,
Casting Nets Ministries