Gentlemen of the Parish:

It is our time to give it up for our Church and the best way to jump start that effort will be to attend the 2020 Men’s Conference aptly titled “MEN OF CHRIST”.

Many of you may play poker and have felt you had been dealt the hand of a lifetime and went all in with your pile of poker chips.  Why not do that for Jesus Christ?  All you have to lose is yourself!

What better act of love to show your family than an effort to get closer to Jesus Christ.

The event will be at Xavier Prep on February 1st.  You will come back a different man.

Go to and buy your ticket today! The website has more information on the program and the speakers. This event has sold out quickly the past several years. Please see the attached flyer.

If you wish to carpool, please call the parish office at 928-445-3141 to get your name on the list and indicate whether you are willing to drive or prefer a ride.


2020 Mens Catholic Conference Flyer